Natural human hair extensions are affordable, realistic and an easy way of changing your look to create longer, thicker hair. Made from genuine human hair they give the most natural & authentic look so that you can be sure that your hair will look fabulous. With a vast range of colours and lengths available it is easy to find the right choice of hair extension that will blend in with your own hair & style.
At Hush we order in a great range of shades and a length to suit you, all of which are 100% human remy hair.

The technique we use is a micro ring weft system.
For more information about our human hair extensions and all our other products, contact us directly to discuss with a hair care expert which extensions are right for you.

Typical example of pricing is:
£45 per pack (18″) (£6 Delivery charge)

Full head £55
Half head £30

These prices are exclusive of colour, cut or finish. A full head of extensions require 5/6 packs of hair depending on length and thickness of natural hair.
If your desired look is to add length as well as thickness then a full head will be required.
If you just want to add thickness and no length then a half-head application would be enough.
Book a free fifteen minute consultation or ask your stylist for more information on aftercare etc to see if hair extensions will be suitable for you and your lifestyle.

Beautiful girl with long hair that represents hair extensions