Keratin Treatments


Keratin Therapy – Lisse Design

Lisse design from Alfaparf promises to keep your hair sleek, straight and frizz free for up to 3 months
when you follow the home care program unlike other brazilian blowdry services lisse design is completely
CHEMICAL FREE plus you can colour your hair on the same day which is recommended as the treatment can
lighten coloured hair up to 2 levels. It is suitable for ALL hair types. At each application the effect is better
and longer lasting.
£75 (not inc cut/finish)

Keratin Therapy – Lisse Design Flexible

If you dont want to give up your natural curls or you already have straight hair and just want to combat
frizz then this is the treatment for you! Adding on only 20 minutes onto your blowdry time this is a quick fix for your problems!
£20 (not inc cut/finish)

Nano Keratin

Nano keratin has the same effects as the lisse design treatment with the added benefit of anti colour fade
Also lasting 3 months this treatment will not only prevent colour fade but lock the colour in! if you folow the
home care programme you will get optimum results. once this treatment is carried out you must NOT wash your hair
for 72 hours. If you do so you risk reversing the effects.
£95 (not inc cut/finish)