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Hush is the cutting-edge premier hair salon in Northfield, Birmingham. We offer a full range of Paul Mitchell hair products, along with ghd professional straightening and curling irons and hair extensions. We offer exceptional value for money in a comfortable friendly environment. It is easily the first choice hairdresser in the Northfield, Bournville, Rubery & Frankly areas. Spoil yourself and let us provide you with an unrivalled experience.



Balayage is a technique whereby colour is painted on the hair either freehand or in foil. The result is a more ‘ lived in ‘ look. The regrowth is less noticeable. The hair is usually prelightened then toned to the look desired. Sometimes a root smudge can be added to give a shadowed look.
Prices vary from £65 for a refresh to £150 for ‘the full works’.
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This is the more traditional method of highlighting. Foils are used to saturate precise strands from root to tip. Foils follow a more structured pattern and will need to be touched up more often to combat that obvious root grow out look.
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Full Head

As it sounds! Colour is applied directly to the scalp and taken through all of the hair from root to tip so all of the hair is totally covered. Uses a permanent colour to amend grey, lift hair and to change depth, tone and add a lovely shine to your hair.
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Root Retouch

This is the maintenance following a full head. Colour is applied directly to the scalp. Occasionally colour will be taken though to mid lengths and ends if there has bee colour fade at an additional cost.
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Keratin Therapies

Keratin Therapy Lisse Design from Alfaparf promises to keep your hair sleek, straight and frizz free for up to 3 months when you follow the home care program. Unlike other brazilian blowdry services lisse design is completely CHEMICAL FREE. Also you can colour your hair on the same day which is recommended as the treatment can lighten coloured hair up to 2 levels. On each application the effect is better and longer lasting. It is suitable for ALL hair types.
Nano Keratin has the same effects as the lisse design treatment with the added benefit of anti colour fade. Also lasting 3 months this treatment will not only prevent colour fade but lock the colour in.
Nano Keratin E xpress is the baby brother of the full nano and is designed to give smoother shinier hair in only 20 minutes. It lasts in the hair for 6-8 weeks.
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This service is perfect for hair that has been compromised chemically or thermally damaged it acts as a kind of ‘reset button’ for your hair. It will help you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of your hair. The service can be carried out as a stand alone treatment to repair existing damage or tied in with your colour service to stop potential damage.
Stand alone: £20
Colour service: £10 (per colour service)
Mini treatment: £5
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Patented K18 is not just a temporary fix, it’s the first product to utilise biomimetics to reconnect keratin chains once broke by bleach, colour & chemical services resulting in soft, smooth, strong hair with bounce that feels like new. The more damaged the hair, the more dramatic the results.
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Maisy is a nail tech specialising in natural nail care. We also offer a wide selection of luxury manicure and pedicure services.
Prices range from £5 to £35
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“100% recommend. Absolutely love my hair results. Not only do I look fabulous but feel fabulous. Everyone is so lovely and welcoming.”

-Sandrea Africano

“Always come out of hush feeling a million dollars. Charlene is ace. Knows exactly how my hair falls and does what she needs to do to my hair"

-Laura Cund

“I've being going to Hush for years they are a great team. Friendly and caring and very, very talented hairdressers"

-Anna Preddy

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